I’m just on a chibi roll lately. So here’s some fanart for some artists here on tumblr I find really inspiring.

First is bliss41’s Alastair, second is lumiukko’s Park SunLee, and thirdly is bbbreakfast’s Frankie.

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2 years ago

Posted on June 14th at 1:24 AM
Tagged as: my art. fan art. bbbreakfast. lumiukko. bliss41. frankie. park sunlee. alastair. can you guys keep being amazing?. kthx. i didn't have any idea what alastair or what sunlee would wear so i just made stuff up. this should be titled. oc's i want to see more art of. gonna do more fanart for awesome artists later. its just so late. so tired. okay. anyways. you guys have awesome art. keep up the awesome work. i love all your styles. gush gush gush. doodoodles.
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  2. way-schway said: 1-4 were already in my headcanon, but 5 and 6!!! Headcanon assimilated!
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    OMG WHAT THESE ARE SO CUTE hahah omg frankie
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    WAHHH SO CUTEEEE ;;____;; i didnt get any message was i even supposed to see this?? but too cute ahh too cuuteeeee, that...
  6. scribjellyfish said: THE TRIFECTA OF AMAZING

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